CZ Rifles

CZ Rifles

CZ Centerfire rifles have become legends over the last several decades due to their quality, accuracy and durability. Their exceptional value for money places CZ centerfire rifles among leaders in the hunting rifle market. The CZ 550 and the new CZ 557 are proof. We expect the new CZ 557 to take the bolt action rifle market by storm.

CZ HA 550 Hunter


A weapon developed on the basis of CZ 550. The centerfire rifle is designed for shooting at long distances. High accuracy of fire is achieved by a special muzzle workmanship, which is made by grinding a spherical surface on the muzzle and by a design change in the barrel mounting in the receiver. The stock is made of superior quality walnut wood. The centerfire rifle is supplied with a one-piece duralumin mount with a tube diameter of 30 mm.

The CZ 550 series rifles represent a new line of elegant, aesthetic and ergonomically designed firearms. For the sake of enhancing their accuracy and attaining a long service life these rifles are fitted with hammer forged barrels. The diversified range of CZ 550 models with their characteristics and elegant design solutions meet contemporary requirements as laid upon sporting and hunting weapons.

CZ 557 Sporter


With its CZ 557 series, Česká zbrojovka enters the land of 21st century weapons and again reaches the peak in the field of hunting bolt action centerfire rifles. CZ 557 combines the decades of weapons designing and manufacturing experience along with user experience of hunters resulting in using the most advanced materials and technologies.
All this gave rise to a modern centerfire rifle having traditional appearance and unique user properties which are appreciated by all shooters, from beginners to professionals firing thousands of rounds a year.


– A receiver made of one piece of material with integral checkering for mounting a riflescope;
– Top quality forged barrel;
– Easy ejection of cartridge cases;
– A short extractor and modified ejector for smooth operation;
– Cocking of the striking mechanism is signalled by a cocking indicator protruding from the bolt sleeve;
– Adjustable trigger pull and drag;
– Possibility to open the action also in the locked position;
– Floating barrel.

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